Top 5 destinations for 2017

Top 5 destinations for 2017


Holiday in Spain and feel the energy and custom of this exceptional nation. Flamenco, fiestas and food

are common in Spain wherein the society is comprised of vast kilometers of coastline, bustling cities,

remote villages and World Heritage sights. The bars and restaurants, wake up late at night with

spectacular regional food that includes local cheese, meats, seafood and much more that makes Spain -

a foodie dream.

New Zealand

No more the second decision to Australia, as New Zealand prominence has surged of late due to the

landscape scenes shown in movies like " Lord of the Rings". The natural beauty of this nation will

flabbergast you, its urban communities will captivate you and the people will welcome your arrival.

Utah, USA

You will never find off-season in Utah, due to the presence of five of the most famous national parks

Summer and spring season implies great camping with perpetual biking and trekking trails, well in the

winter it is abode to the greatest Snow on earth which gets larger every season. Utah has stunning rock

formations, vast canyons and remarkable landscapes. It also has luxury spa resorts and many cultural

attractions which make it a world-class


Still delighting in the accomplishment of hosting the World Cup a year ago, Brazil will be again in the

spotlight for the 2016 Summer Olympics—honor for the first South American city. Furthermore, the

yearly Carnival of Brazil is a sign of how well they set up a gathering, vacationers will be in for an affair of

a lifetime.


Situated on the Rim of Fire, this wonderful collation of islands is abode to more than 128 million

individuals. Japanese society is a blend of modern influence and ancient tradition. Contemporary, vast

cityscapes blend with floating shrines, imperial palaces and sacred temples. Japan clamoring economy

has made it a world pioneer in machinery and technology, yet vacationers will love the nation snow-

peaked mountains, active volcanoes and forested hillsides. All these features make Japan - a truly world-

class holiday destination.